Where are Akazoo’s shares traded?

Akazoo is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange and trades under the ticker symbol SONG.

When did Akazoo become a public company?

Akazoo began trading on Nasdaq in September 2019 following the completion of a reverse merger with Modern Media Acquisition Corp.

Where is Akazoo S.A. incorporated?

Akazoo is incorporated in Luxembourg with the address 19 Rue de Bitbourg, L-1273, Luxembourg

When is Akazoo’s fiscal year end?

The fiscal year based on the calendar year and ends on December 31.

Who is Akazoo’s transfer agent?

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company is the Transfer Agent and is responsible for maintaining the records of registered shareholders. If Akazoo shares are held directly by you, they can be contacted for details about share ownership such as address changes, changes in registered share ownership, or transferring shares.

Correspondence should be mailed to:
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust
1 State Street
30th Floor
New York, NY10004-1561

Email: cstmail@continentalstock.com
Phone: (212) 509-4000
Facsimile: (212) 616-7613

What are the Cusip and ISIN identification numbers for the common shares and the publicly traded warrants?

Cusip number for the common shares: L0164E108

Cusip number for the 11.50 warrants: L0164E116

ISIN number for the common shares: LU2040453305

ISIN number for the 11.50 warrants: LU2040456407

How can I stay up to date on company information such as press releases and SEC filings?

You can sign up to receive timely corporate updates via email. Click this link and complete the required fields and you will receive the requested information.

Who should I contact to learn more about Akazoo?

For investor inquiries please contact Investors@akazoo.com.

For media inquiries please contact pr@akazoo.com.

How can I access publicly available research on the company?

Noble Capital Markets’ research on Akazoo is available at Channelchek https://www.channelchek.com/company/SONG